Girli takes inspiration from ‘Walk This Way’ in her boredom battling video for ‘Mr 10pm Bedtime’

"Look out for me in a grey wig, flying tutus, and some dodgy dance moves."
Remember last week when Girli was teasing “something new”? Well, surprise! It’s a video for ‘Mr 10pm Bedtime’, her track about a miserable neighbour who’d like to get to sleep at a reasonable time thank you very much. No partying for him, no siree.

Girli says of the clip: “This video is FUN VS LAME, PINK VS GREY, GIRLI VS MR 10PM BEDTIME. The conclusion is that light and colour and positivity and fun conquer darkness and dullness and negativity every time.

“I loved the idea of the split screen and being able to see both characters interacting and clashing with each other from either side of the wall, like in the video for ‘Walk This Way’ by Run DMC and Aerosmith. Look out for me in a grey wig, flying tutus, and some dodgy dance moves.”

Girli has not long released her new EP ‘Hot Mess’, which was accompanied by a UK tour towards the end of 2017. She also teamed up with The Tuts for a new version of this very track.

Watch ‘Mr 10pm Bedtime’ below.

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