Glass Animals have launched an interactive open source website, featuring artwork, audio stems and more

They've shared 'Quarantine Covers Part 1', too.

Glass Animals have launched an interactive open source website.

Full of layered artwork, audio stems, samples and the like, the idea is that it can help fans create their own art.

Frontman Dave Bayley explains: “Isolation can drive us all crazy. But, at the same time, it could be quite healthy for people’s creativity. I find creating things helps me keep my head straight. All the frustration of being locked in can be released by making something. In the modern age where literally ANYTHING is possible, that canvas is sort of so blank it can be a black hole.

“So the main hurdle is often finding that initial piece of inspiration, that nugget that kicks off an idea and can be built on. Sometimes it’s a sound, sometimes it’s a graphic, sometimes it’s a photograph, or a tiny film clip…it’s usually some kind of raw-ish material that has the capacity to be transformed, re-imagined, twisted and reshaped into something else. This site will host all GA output in its rawest forms. Bits of code from our websites, drum/synth/sfx sounds I made for our songs, layered photoshop files from covers, 3D scans of stuff from around my house used in the latest artwork (including my own head) etc etc. Anyway – I hope it inspires someone to make something and I hope it gives someone an outlet for their confusion in this strange time.”

Visit Open Source here.

The band have also released their first batch of quarantine covers. ‘Quarantine Covers Part 1’ features their takes on Nirvana’s ‘Heart Shaped Box’ and Lana Del Rey’s ‘Young & Beautiful’ – give them a listen below.

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