Glass Animals are raising money for the Music Venue Trust with their very own peanut butter

It's available to pre-order now.

Glass Animals have released their own very expensive peanut butter.

The pots – boasted as being reusable and refillable, presumably like all jars are – are available for pre-order now, with a general sale kicking off on 9th June.

A collaboration with Jackpot Peanut Butter, £2 from each jar will go to Music Venue Trust, to help raise funds and support for grassroots music venues.

“I’ve been eating jackpot peanut butter for years,” says frontman Dave Bayley. “There’s a jackpot stall in a market next to my house in Hackney, and I loved the look of the packaging to be honest…plus it had a quote from Gremlins on. So, I picked up a tub. It was delicious. And that’s when I started reading the small print on the back. Each sale includes a donation to Music Venue Trust, the charity which looks after grassroots music venues…i.e. the venues that gave us a shot in the early days when we had no idea what we were doing…the venues that need help to survive but do an extraordinary amount for music culture.

“And then I read further and saw that the tub can be brought back and refilled!!! It wasn’t another single-use piece of plastic that was going to go sit in a landfill. So, I refilled. And refilled. And eventually cut to three years, many refills, and 1,293 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches later, we turned up at our rehearsal space, and there sat four tubs of jackpot peanut butter with our names printed on and a small note saying to get in touch. We got in touch. And this is the result. Glass Animals x Jackpot Peanut Butter.”

Pre-order yours here.

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