Glitterer have shared a brand new track inspired by the pursuit of purpose, ‘The Same Ordinary’

The band's new album is out next month.

Glitterer – aka Title Fight’s Ned Russin – has shared a new single, ‘The Same Ordinary‘.

The song is their last from their fourth album and full band debut, ‘Rationale’, set for release on 23rd February via ANTI-.

“‘The Same Ordinary’ was one where I got lyrically ahead of myself and had to rearrange the song to make it fit,” Ned explains. After several rounds of trial and error, “finally, I just decided to try and throw in abbreviated measure at the end of the phrase, like a little tag. After all, I wanted to keep the lyrics, which analyze how a pursuit of purpose is at times monotonous and maybe inescapable even if we are critical of it, in fact…I think it’s the element of the song that makes the whole thing work, a kind of harsh turn that also oddly acts as forward propulsion.”

Check it out below.

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