Something new from Gorillaz’ is coming on 29th June, by the looks of it

Mysterious posters at All Points East point to a video, a clip of music and a date.
Every band loves a mystery these days. Be it a month long period of poking us with posters, or a cryptic hunt through source code and secretive characters, just announcing an album is, quite frankly, old hat.

And Gorillaz, they’re not old hat.

Anyone at All Points East yesterday may have been wondering what those ‘G is the magic number’ posters were about. A set of five, scattered around the site, they contain a URL, Being as in awe of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs as we were, your humble Dork filed away the info to check later. Then forgot. But someone didn’t!

Head to that website, and you’ll get a short video, a clip of music, and a date – 29th June. Anyone with half a brain will recognise a flashed up silhouette too.

But, if you need more help linking up a giant G and a cartoon musician, one of the posters features the phrase ‘No more unicorns anymore’ – which also shows up on this image of Gorillaz’ Russel, uploaded by Jamie Hewlett over a month ago.

So, yep. A new Gorillaz album around a month from now? June is looking mighty busy, Dear Reader.

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