Gorillaz’ Noodle’s OkCupid profile may have dropped a hint about when we’ll get new material

Should we be ready for November 12th? December 11th? Some other point in time?
Bands like to be cryptic these days. This year we’ve had Frank Ocean and his staircase, Radiohead and their disappearing website, and Creeper’s mysterious vanishing act. Gorillaz, though, seem to be taking it to the next level.

If you were hoping to find out when we’re actually going to hear from the cartoon quartet, you’d probably not make dating website OkCupid your first stop off. Yet that’s exactly where the latest hint is coming from.

A profile, set up for the band’s guitarist Noodle, has been discovered by Reddit users. Linked to the band’s Instagram account, it originally featured a photo of creative mastermind Damon Albarn. That then changed to Noodles cartoon face, before the whole thing disappeared.

The interesting part is the message contained within, though.

“Ready? 12:11

xx DA”

Fans are speculating the DA is Damon Albarn, and that 12:11 could refer to the date, 12/11 – or November 12th. That’s the Saturday after next.

Whatever the deal is, things are definitely moving faster in camp Gorillaz. Check out screen grabs of the account below.

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