Gorillaz now have an “augmented reality” app, which’ll host a global album listening party

There’s certainly a lot going on with the chaps, who release new album ‘Humanz’ on April 28th
If there’s one thing you can’t say about Gorillaz, it’s that they’re just sitting around a twiddling their thumbs – with a new “augmented reality” app revealed ahead of new album ‘Humanz’

The app uses a new brand of technology to super-impose a range of images from the Gorillaz world into reality around you, whilst allowing users to explore a range of different rooms and areas in the app. The app will also be the home of a global album listening party for ‘Humanz’, with fans being invited to listen to the album in full through the app and “geo-specific” locations around the globe.

So try and think of Pokemon Go, but instead of Pokemon, you’re chasing Gorillaz around in search of that new album and tons of extras. You can check it all out for yourself on iOS and Android respectively.

‘Humanz’, the band’s first album in over seven years, is set for release on April 28th – and already boasts the previously unveiled ‘Andromeda’, ‘Ascension’, ‘We Got The Power’, ‘Saturn Barz’, ‘Hallelujah Money’ and ‘Let Me Out’. After a rousing live spectacle in London last month, Gorillaz are primed to headline their own festival Demon Dayz on June 10th, taking over Dreamland in Margate (with plenty of rumours that the festival will also set up shop in the US at some point too)

In the meantime, click play on a trailer for Gorillaz’ new app below – gets you right in the mood for it all