GRANT has shared a new animated video for her track ‘Vertigo’

It was created by director and 3D animator, Stacie Ant.

GRANT has shared a new video for her track ‘Vertigo’.

The title-track from her recent EP, the Swedish alt-popster’s new ‘un sees her team up with an artist she found on Instagram.

“I was quite uncertain that I’d be able to make any videos at all this year for obvious reasons, so I thought I’d look into 3D which I’d already been obsessed with for a while,” she explains.

“I found Stacie on Instagram and fell in love with her out of this world aesthetic and humour. It seemed to suit the whole concept really, but especially ’Vertigo’.

“The animation is a heightened but still quite clueless version of me captured in this isolated space, perfectly conveying the physical state of vertigo in a way that only 3D could. The result is like an eerie dream and borderline ASMR.”

Director and 3D animator Stacie Ant adds: “The idea behind the video is to reflect the physical state of vertigo – dizziness, disorientation and instability. We wanted to communicate the feeling through pose and facial expression – for me it was quite theatrical.

“I really enjoyed working with a minimal setting where all of the focus is on one protagonist. I think that, cinematically speaking, the video really captured a state of unbalance and overwhelming emotion through the lens of an uncanny 3D world.”

Give it a watch below.

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