Great Defeat have released their debut album, ‘Always Goodbye’

The band features members of My First Tooth, The Attika State and more.

Great Defeat have released their debut album, ‘Always Goodbye’.

The band – which features Ross Witt (My First Tooth / One Toy Soldier), Warren Mallia (The Attika State / Grand-Pop), Stu Lloyd (The Social Club) and Owen Kimm (Elephants) – have been working on the release since their formation in 2014, after years of touring together in their respective bands.

“It’s awkward. It’s imperfect. It’s painful. It’s disjointed,” says Ross of the record. “It’s joy. It means a lot to us. I hope people find something they can connect to. I hope they can dance a bit. It was hard and it was a joy to write. It will continue unravelling for me. I hope it means something to someone. At some point. Anywhere.”

He adds: “Although we formed the band in 2014 this is a collection of songs I’ve written in the last 8yrs… basically spanning my 30s. From songs I wrote in the final period of my former band through a lot of changes in my life (and… just LIFE) right up to the lyrics for the album closer I was desperately piecing together on the studio floor minutes before laying down the vocals in November 2019.”

Give it a listen below.

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