Grimes isn’t “halfway done” with a new record, intends to chill

"This is literally nothing besides a ‘clarification’ that new material is not imminent.”
Grimes isn’t in fact “halfway done” with a new record, she’s confirmed.

News appeared earlier today that she may be already at work on the follow up to ‘Art Angels’, after some quotes appeared in a Rolling Stone interview.

That, however, appears to not be the case.

Posting on Tumblr, she explained: “Contrary to what some press is saying, I’m not ‘halfway done’ another record, nor will I be playing new music at upcoming shows. Of course I’m always working on new stuff, but I haven’t taken even a weekend off in years at this point, and I’ll need to chill when this cycle is over so please don’t set expectations too high.

“Last time, everyone wanted the ‘Visions’ follow up right away and any off-hand comment I made about new material became the weapon by which I was attacked, so to save my self grief I am publicly stating that there is no new music coming any time soon. I really need a break and I intend to take one.

I’m sure this will be referred to as a delay or a lost album or a rant/ screed/ melt down. just fyi, it is none of these things. This is literally nothing besides a ‘clarification’ that new material is not imminent.”

So, there we go. Thanks for the clarification, Grimes.

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