Hail ‘Luci’ with the new ugly-pop banger from Zand

Better the devil you know

Following on from the chomping debut of ‘Boys Like U’, Zand is back with another slab of ugly pop goodness.

The difficult second single is called ‘Luci’ and is full of swaggering, snarling, smirking finesse. Part hellish nursery rhyme, part graffiti sprayed warning, it glints with supreme confidence as it twists this way and that. Impossible to catch, even more difficult to escape, this is a banger of the highest order.

Check it out below.

“The lyrics of ‘Luci’ tell a tale of a fatal showdown with the devil. A story unfolds from start to finish, but I’d like to leave up to the listener to decide whether that demon is metaphorical or real,” explains Zand. “In the studio I wanted this to sound like the score for a fucked up sci-fi thriller movie, except with obnoxious cheerleader-style gang vocals from yours truly. I hope it makes people want to kick things.”

If you want to kick things along with Zand, they’re headlining Queer As Day Festival in Brighton on November 3rd at the Green Door Store alongside IToldYouIWouldEatYou and Wolf Girl. 

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