Haim are showing a new video for “catchy pop song” ‘Lost Track’ before screenings of Licorice Pizza

A fan who has seen it describes it as being "more towards the style of 'Cherry Flavoured Stomach Ache'".

A new Haim video is playing ahead of screenings of the Alana-starring Paul Thomas Anderson film Licorice Pizza.

The visuals accompany a song called ‘Lost Track’. While neither the track nor video are available online at the time of writing, a fan on Reddit describes it as a “catchy pop song” with Danielle as “the focal point of the video”.

“It’s set in what appears to be a church or a banquet hall with some kind of celebration,” they continue. “There’s older women who rearrange the room (tables, chairs, etc) for the last half of the video.”

The video “follows Danielle as she dances, walks and sings the song,” which is said to lean “more towards the style of ‘Cherry Flavoured Stomach Ache'”, which the band released last year.

Haim have collaborated for Paul Thomas Anderson a number of times over recent years, with the director working on videos for ‘Little of Your Love’, ‘Night So Long’ and ‘Right Now’, creating the artwork and visuals for 2020’s ‘Women In Music Pt. III’ and helming their ‘Valentine’ short film from 2018.

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