Half Waif has shared a new song, ‘Torches’

New album 'Lavender' is on the way!
Half Waif has shared a teaser from her upcoming album.

New full-length ’Lavender’ – the follow up 2016’s ’Probable Depths’ and last year’s ’form/a’ EP – is due for release on 27th April via Cascine.

“‘Torches’ opens with the terror of a world that burns, tempered by the cool reminder of an undying coast somewhere nearby,” she explains of the track.

“It then imagines what happens when that lit darkness reaches you before you can reach the water’s edge – when you come to feed off it, called by the scream of the open, endless road.

“It’s probably not surprising that I wrote this song in the days immediately after Trump’s election, driving through Texas on a stretch of highway.”

Listen to ‘Torches’ below.

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