Halfnoise discover ‘Scooby’s In The Back’ with this glorious new one

Zac Farro’s solo project will release a fresh new EP ‘The Velvet Face’ on March 24th
Zac Farro is a busy man. He’s in the midst of re-joining Paramore, has already released a stormer of an album as Halfnoise in the form of ‘Sudden Feeling’ – and now he’s laying out some more glorious rhythms and grooves with new one ‘Scooby’s In The Back’

Forming part of the new Halfnoise EP ‘The Velvet Face’, it’s glistening sun-filled charms and late-70s psychedelic highs make it the sort of track you’d play out whilst running through a field of daisies. And we really like tracks that make us feel like that.

Speaking about the track to FADER, Zac explained how “it started as a phrase to make my friends laugh. Then all of the sudden I heard the song in my head and I ran home and wrote the entire thing in an hour or two. I feel like this song not only represents the light hearted side of the The Velvet Face EP, but it represents that side of my personality as well.”

‘The Velvet Face EP’ is set to land on March 24th. Gaze into ‘Scooby’s In The Back’ below,

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