Hallan have announced their debut EP with post-punk bop, ‘Hands Up’

The band's new six-tracker is due in July.

Hallan have announced their debut EP with post-punk bop, ‘Hands Up’.

The track appears on the Portsmouth-based four-piece’s ‘Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor’, which will arrive via Nice Swan Records on 16th July.

Frontman Conor says of the track: “Our sound changes depending on our agenda at any time, finding a different stride with every step. With ‘Hands Up’ we found ourselves dropped into a western rerun armed with a fiercely cowboyish twang on our six string shooter. We wanted to forth a thematic, semi abstract prose, attacking businessmen and penny pinchers in a flurry of suitably delirious criticisms.”

The EP’s full tracklisting is as follows:

Hands Up
The White Boys
Orwells Idyllic Future
Television Show
Prime Time Lullaby

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