Hannah Grae has released two new songs, Alice In Wonderland-influenced ‘New Temptation’, and “ridiculous” ‘Aeroplane Jelly’

She's not long released a new mini-album.

Hannah Grae has released two new songs, ‘New Temptation’ and ‘Aeroplane Jelly’.

The drops come right on the heels of her first-ever headline show, with Hannah performing at The Grace in London earlier this week.

The new songs have joined her latest mini-album ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, which followed on from her recent tracks ‘Better Now You’re Gone’, ‘Who Dunnit?’, ‘It Could’ve Been You’ and ‘Screw Loose’, as well as debut mini-album ‘Hell Is A Teenage Girl’, which came out last spring.

Hannah says: “‘New Temptation’ was a song I wrote towards the end of creating Nothing Lasts Forever. It initially started with the concept of choosing a path that was so different to what I initially thought I would choose. The concept became way deeper, and I started to compare myself to Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I got curious and followed a path that led me to do things I maybe shouldn’t have done and led me to people I maybe shouldn’t have met. I loved the visual reference of the movie and took that into my writing.

“‘Aeroplane Jelly’ is such a ridiculous song, and I loved the freedom that I felt when writing it. It basically looks back on my younger, naive self and almost mocks my oblivion. It’s all done through a character, in my mind an aeroplane, that feels so good and loved when it flies but no one is there to pick up the pieces when it falls. Again, it’s a song that I had fun with and didn’t want to take too seriously.”

Check them out below.

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