Hayden Thorpe has dropped a new track, ‘Golden Ratio’

It's a final taster of his new album 'Moondust For My Diamond'.
Photo credit: Jack Johnstone

Hayden Thorpe has debuted a final taster of his new album ‘Moondust For My Diamond’, ‘Golden Ratio’.

The full-length is set to arrive this Friday, 15th October, via Domino.

‘Golden Ratio’ arrives alongside a Juliet Klottrup directed video, and follows up on the already aired ‘Metafeeling’, ‘Parallel Kingdon’ and ‘The Universe Is Always Right’.

Speaking about the track, the former Wild Beasts frontman explains: “When I was writing ‘Golden Ratio’, I landed upon it as a kind of simple devotional song to science. I see music very much as a replication of nature, the shapes and patterns that we perceive in music are found in all kinds of things like flowers and shells. Science and mathematics have allowed us to decipher this hidden order. Writing songs therefore becomes less about summoning from within and more about noticing what’s already there.”

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