Here’s a playlist of songs that influenced the new Los Campesinos! album

Take a sneak peak into what made 'Sick Scene'
Los Campesinos! are releasing their new album ‘Sick Scene’ on February 24th.

So far, all we’ve got to go on is lead single ‘I Broke Up In Amarante’, a natty new press picture and a history of making great music. Luckily the band have made a playlist of songs they were listening to while ‘Sick Scene’ was written and have, in turn, influenced the record.

And it’s great. Grimes, Beyonce, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, Jimmy Eat World and the ruddy Yeah Yeah Yeahs amongst others. Check it out below.!/playlist/6IkGMsf1WjPLol3BF58R1g

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