Here’s Snail Mail’s ‘Pristine’ in Simlish, because obviously, right?

Bangers be bangers, whatever the language.

We know. We thought it too. Snail Mail’s ‘Pristine’ is a bloody brilliant song, but what we really, really needed was to hear it recorded in Simlish. Y’know, like, the language from the Sims.

It’s our lucky day, see, Dear Reader – because this is a thing which has now happened, as part of the upcoming Sims 4 expansion ‘Island Living’.

Why, you ask? Well. It’s fun, we guess. And we’re now writing about Sims 4.

“It was really hilarious working with the producer of ‘Lush’ and trying to be serious the whole time!” Lindsey ‘Snail Mail’ Jordan said in a statement. “It came pretty naturally to me for some reason. Maybe I’m a Sim.”

Maybe we all are, Lindsey.

It’s the latest in a medium sized line of Simlish versions of indie hits, with both Car Seat Headrest and Tegan and Sara also gibbering up their songs in recent years.

You can check out Snail Mail’s Simlish take on ‘Pristine’ below. Total banger, eh?

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