Hey look, there’s a new Rae Morris song about – check out ‘Atletico’

Her upcoming record is due in February.
Rae Morris has shared a new track from her upcoming album,

‘Someone Out There’ will be released on 2nd February, preceded by ‘Atletico’, which is now online.

“The songs feel like little stories, short vignettes and windows into different sides to my character and other interesting characters I’ve met along the way,” Rae recently told Dork.

“I wanted to dance around the studio with a handheld mic making mad sounds with my voice that I hadn’t made before. It felt like an ultra creative moment, and only the most exciting things went on to be finished for the record.”

Listen to ‘Atletico’ below.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Push Me To My Limit

2. Reborn

3. Atletico

4. Do It

5. Wait For The Rain

6. Lower The Tone

7. Physical Form

8. Dip My Toe

9. Someone Out There

10. Rose Garden

11. Dancing With Character

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