Hinds are releasing a deluxe version of ‘Leave Me Alone’

It's got demos that aren't really demos.
Hinds are set to release a deluxe version of their album ‘Leave Me Alone’ next month.

The new take on their debut record will drop on October 28th on double CD and vinyl, including b-sides, rarities and phone demos.

A statement from the band reads:

“Hi! we are Ade, Amber, Ana and Carlotta and this is HINDS. Our first ever album is called ‘Leave Me Alone’ but this is the deluxe edition. So you can listen to songs you might not know we had and demos recorded with a cellphone.

About the demos, first of all, they are not demos. But we couldn’t find the correct way to call them. They NEVER were thought to be shown to the world. While we are writing we record ourselves with our cellphones so we can listen to it again on the bus or wherever and we think new ideas and how to make the song better.

ALL OF THE DEMOS we’ve chose happened when the song was just born, so we are making up English (?) words, or hardly reading the notebook while trying to remember the chords and the structure.

But mysteriously, even thou all this shit, we love them. ’cause they take us exactly to the moment we wrote them. Like a time machine. And we seriously hope this magic happens to you too and brings you to drink sangria at 1am sitting on a carpet with us”.

You can check out the band’s new animated video for ‘Bamboo’, and their upcoming live dates, below.

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