HMLTD have announced their new album, ‘The Worm’

Check out lead single 'Wyrmlands'.
Photo Credit: Erika Denis-Febles

HMLTD have announced their new album, ‘The Worm’.

The record is set for release on 7th April via Lucky Number, accompanied by two headline shows at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts on 18th and 19th May. They’ve also shared lead single ‘Wyrmlands’, along with a video directed by frontman Henry Spychalski.

“We’re told to believe that anxiety and depression are purely material and biological – like a parasitic worm that can be removed with the right treatment,” Henry says of the full-length. “I think that really these conditions reflect the world that surrounds us – like colonies that a far bigger Worm has made in each of us – the psychological havoc wreaked by our inescapable capitalist reality and the looming apocalypse it has created.”

Of the single, they add: “‘Wyrmlands’ tells the story of a guerrilla resistance movement against the Worm” he notes. “The lyrics recount their tales of subversion and subterfuge: counter-offensives, tortured confessions and haunting vignettes of the strange new land in which they find themselves.

“The video is intended to explore the liminal space between the fantasy world in which most of the album takes place (‘Wyrmlands’), and the base reality which births that delusion: a violent collision of the real and the unreal; of our delusions and the traumas that create them.”

The album’s full tracklisting reads:

1 – Worm’s Dream
2 – Wyrmlands
3 – The End Is Now
4 – Days
5 – Saddest Worm Ever
6 – Liverpool Street
7 – The Worm
8 – Past Life (Sinnerman’s Song)
9 – Lay Me Down

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