HMLTD have dropped another teaser from their upcoming album, check out ‘Blank Slate’

Their debut arrives next month.

HMLTD have delivered a brand new teaser from their upcoming album.

Following up on the already released ‘LOADED’, ‘The West Is Dead’ and ‘Why?’, ‘Blank State’ appears on their long-awaited debut album ‘West of Eden’, out on 7th February via Lucky Number.

Frontman Henry Spychalski says of the full-length: “Myths are the cultural primordial soup from which society emerges… our Western mythologies are steeped in male violence. They are powerful things, but to see them for what they are, a myth, is to genealogically undermine them. While we obviously must have humility about our limited role as artists, West of Eden exists to examine the myth of man and within “Blank Slate” we propose a newer, better, kinder mythology. ‘The world is ours, and the world is a blank slate.’”

Check out ‘Blank Slate’ below, and catch the band on tour from 10th February.

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