Hold on a minute, it looks like Jamie T is working on some new music with Miles Kane

“A cuppa and a chorus” were the orders of the day we see
Proving just what could happen if you pop round your mates house, Jamie T looks to be working with Miles Kane on some fresh new music.

With Miles popping round for a “cuppa and a chorus”, we can only imagine what the two of them worked on – and just how good that cuppa was. Like, if it’s the sort of cuppa that could come out with the next ‘Sheila’ or ‘Sticks n Stones’ then that must be a mind-blowing brew and a half.

It comes only six months after the release of Jamie’s last album ‘Trick’ back towards the end of last year, so he’s certainly not messing around when it comes to new bangers. Jamie T’s only confirmed live appearance in the UK so far this year, is a slot headlining The Box stage at this year’s Bestival in September.

We’re just going to go and stick the kettle on now, see if there’s any magic we can conjure up from it…

Look who popped round for a cuppa and a chorus @mileskane

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