Holding Absence’s new single ‘Her Wings’ shows them off at their darkest

“'Her Wings' is a love-letter to death. Holding Absence, at our darkest.”

Holding Absence have released a new video for ‘Her Wings’.

It’s a track from their third album, ‘The Noble Art Of Self Destruction’. The final entry in a trilogy that began with 2019’s ‘Holding Absence’, the record is out today (Friday, 25th August) via SharpTone Records.

Vocalist Lucas Woodland comments: “Today, we are absolutely ecstatic to unveil our new album – the third in a trilogy – “The Noble Art Of Self Destruction”. We set out to write an all killer, no filler album, that was equal parts conceptual as it was personal, and we’re so proud of the results. We hope these songs get stuck in your head just as much as the lyrics can connect with you!”

He adds: “We’re so excited to show you today, our brand new single ‘Her Wings’. This song is close to all of our hearts – a far more Emo song than we’ve ever written before – “Her Wings” is a love-letter to death. Holding Absence, at our darkest.”

Check out the video below.

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