Holly Humberstone has released a new “Garden Version” of ‘Scarlett’

The new take on last year’s standout single follows up on 'The Walls Are Way Too Thin (Floorboards Version)' and 'Vanilla (Stairwell Version)'.

Holly Humberstone has released a new, stripped back version of last year’s single ‘Scarlett’.

Following up on ‘The Walls Are Way Too Thin (Floorboards Version)’ and ‘Vanilla (Stairwell Version)’, we now have a “Garden Version” of the track, which you can check out below.

“When I first started releasing music I wanted people to be able to see where I created the songs and where the stories had come from,” Holly explains. “My ‘Vanilla (Stairwell Version)’ was created, filmed and recorded on my stairwell at home; the place that inspired the first EP. As things progress it’s really important to me to keep allowing you into my world, so I’ve made a new version of ‘Scarlett’ – my (garden version). This is a special corner of where I live now, a place I spend time with my sisters and friends. Considering this song is about my best friend it just made sense to me to be in this spot.”

“Touring my songs around the world this year has given them each a new life, and my love for them has grown in ways I couldn’t imagine. ‘Scarlett’ was written about my best friend and a boy who wasn’t treating her right. It crushed me to see her go through that shit, but it’s been so amazing to watch people around the world relate to this song and scream the lyrics while standing next to their best friends. I hope you love the garden version of my fave song to sing live right now.”

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