‘Holy Hell’ – there’s a new one from Father John Misty

Sights firmly set on the US Election, it’s the moment of clarity the world needs right now
Father John Misty has unveiled a hard-hitting new track, aimed squarely at all things election-y.

Titled ‘Holy Hell’, the sombre piano ballad is a moving state of the world address, lamenting this bloody mess we’ve got ourselves in and talking about ‘highly effective rhetoric’ used by the ‘perverts who get off on it’ before optimistically looking to the future with a beacon of hope – lead by the lines “all my friends, yeah I’m talking to you, the world won’t end unless we want it to, there’s no one in control, and it’s our lives to choose”

So if you need some life mottos to live by, you can thank Father John Misty for that one. He’s been winding out the year after the huge success of second album ‘I Love You, Honeybear’, which saw him whisked around the world for some ridiculously amazing live shows. ‘Holy Hell’ follows other standalone singles this year ‘Real Love Baby’ and ‘This Is America’.

Check out ‘Holy Hell’ below, trust us – you need it in your life.

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