Honey Moon have shared their new single, ‘Magic’

Could it be magic?

Honey Moon have shared their new single, ‘Magic’.

Out now via Heist of Hit, the track is billed as “perhaps their most ambitious cut to date”.

Frontman Jack Slater Chandler says: “We wanted to explore the illusionary theme, to try and make something expansive and cinematic-sounding. 

“‘Magic’ represents the soul-mate style love we see in film, literature, Honey Moon songs – everywhere! What can seem like the most mundane, everyday elements of companionship are often the most important and overlooked. 

“This sort of souped-up version of having ‘one true love’ is, whilst a nice idea, pretty difficult to imagine as anything that’s realistically achievable, but there’s something very real in the sentiment, and that’s the ‘spell’, that’s the illusion.”

Catch the band live at London’s Lion Coffee & Records on 15th June, and check out ‘Magic’ below?

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