Hotel Lux have dropped a new single, ‘Vice’

It marks their first new material since their debut album.
Photo credit: Ed Miles

Hotel Lux have shared a new single, ‘Vice’.

It’s the band’s first new material since the release of their debut album ‘Hands Across The Creek’ back in January via The State51 Conspiracy.

“Vice had been a staple on the Lux set list since very early doors,” they explain. “Sadly, it never had its time to shine in a studio and it we didn’t feel it quite sat with what we were trying to do with previous releases. At the latter stages of the Hands Across the Creek sessions, we started bringing this rehashed version of the track back into the mix. We added a new intro, Lewis changed his vocal attack slightly and we played with the pacing of the track a little bit. Alas, it didn’t quite fit with our ambition of the album but we felt it a shame to allow the track to disappear into the abyss.”

They’ve also announced a few new live shows:

17 Leffingeleuren, Belgium
28 Fano, Bagni Elsa, Italy
29 Milan, Arci Bellezza, Italy
30 Bologna, Covo Club, Italy

1 Sestri Levante, Genova, Italy
6 Athens, Death Disco, Greece

Check out the new single below.

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