Human Interest have released a new single written while cat-sitting, ‘All My Friends’

It's from their upcoming EP.
Photo Credit: Lola Stephen

Human Interest have released a new track from their upcoming EP.

‘Empathy Lives In Outer Space’ follows on from debut ‘Desire Paths’, and is set for release on 24th November via Nice Swan Records, preceded by early single ‘Grounded’ and now ‘All My Friends’ too. They’ve also a launch show planned at The Waiting Room, London on 29th November.

Cat Harrison says of the track: “‘All My Friends’ was one of the first songs written for Human Interest. I was quite depressed at the time but there was a solidarity because it felt like all of my close friends at that point were also really depressed – it was kind of like a gang where the initiation was taking antidepressants. 

“The song was written when I was cat-sitting at someone’s flat. It came about really quickly and I like it because it takes an introspective subject and makes it not so self-indulgent. When I was living in Margate, doing late nights at The Taproom, there were many lock-ins with different artists trying out new material, and that song was a staple of my set every time.”

Of the EP, the band add: “Empathy Lives in Outer Space feels like we’ve locked into our identity as Human Interest. The name of the EP came from an image of the world’s first untethered freefall in outer space. We found it beautiful how alone that person looked, whilst knowing that there were people there out of the picture who were ready to bring him back into safety. We became really obsessed with the idea of a toddler being in that same situation, and how striking that would be. Upon leaning into this new imagery, the name ‘Empathy Lives in Outer Space’ came about and everything clicked. You need space to really appreciate empathy, and comprehend your place in the grand scheme of things.”

Check out the new single below.

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