‘I Am With You’, says Benjamin Francis Leftwich on his new single

He isn't though. We've checked everywhere.
Benjamin ‘too many characters for a Twitter user name’ Francis Leftwich is releasing a new ‘EP’ soon. We know, because he tweeted about it this morning, while introducing us to a brand new track.

“After finishing touring at the end of 2017, i took some time to power down and start to recalibrate my spirit,” he writes. “I am deep in beautiful London working on new music every day. Here is the first song from my new EP, ‘I Am With You’”


We’ve checked behind the sofa, and Benny boy most certainly isn’t ‘with’ us, or we’d have offered to put the kettle on. We’re not rude. Metaphorically speaking, though, we can all press play on the new track below and have a little bit of Leftwich inhabit our sonic personal space.

Or, y’know, something like that.

Here’s ‘I Am With You’.

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