Iconic Sheffield venue The Leadmill launch official petition in fight against eviction

The campaign has attracted support from several well known artists.

Sheffield venue The Leadmill has launched an official petition as part of a fight against eviction.

The petition is part of a campaign by the iconic venue against their proposed removal from their existing site, which has attracted much support from several well known artists, such as Jarvis Cocker and Arctic Monkeys.

The petition seeks to suspend the basis on which landlord can remove business tenants, which can currently happen regardless of investment by the tenants into the business. The Leadmill point to millions of pounds in investment that they have put into the existing space.

The owners have claimed that the venue will continue to operate following renovations. However, The Leadmill management have hit back saying that as they own the brand, any future venue could not use The Leadmill name.

To show your support for the petition, you can sign it here.

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