If CHVRCHES don’t finish this cover of Toto’s ‘Africa’, civilisation may crumble

There is nothing more important right now. Nothing.

We love your band. You know that. We’d never ask you to do anything that wasn’t in your best interests.

And we know what the people want. It’s what we do. We’re always listening, reading, engaging. ‘Stuff’ like that.

So, please listen to us carefully when we say it is important – vitally important – that you complete this cover version of Toto’s ‘Africa’.


Civilisations rest on this. How could we ever go out and invest in your new album, ‘Love is Dead’ – set for release on 25th May – when we know you’re holding back on us with The Greatest Cover Version Ever Performed?

Don’t wait for a Live Lounge – they’ll only tell you it’s too old and make you do Post Malone or something like that. Don’t wait for a charity show – it’s a good cause, but we’re pretty sure if you do this now, we’ll build a new, better world off the back of it, Bill & Ted style. There is nothing – nothing – more important for you to be doing right now than recording this song. Unless there is something more important. In which case, straight afterwards, yeah?

Good luck with everything. Hope you’re well and that.



P.S. We’re still on for that thing next Friday, right?

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