If you work in outdoor advertising, you’ll be having a jolly nice holiday soon thanks to The 1975

Yep, there are more posters. There are always more posters.
It’s a new week, buzz chasers, which means another seven days of endless teasing from everyone’s favourite pop artists, The 1975.

Last week was relatively quiet, featuring another series of posters around their ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’, erm, thingy. We got three new images, featuring Adam, Ross and George prancing about in cars and fields with VR headsets on, but beyond that everything seemed pretty ‘on the level’. Still, as Sunday ticks over into Monday morning, there’s new stuff to report.

Yesterday (13th May) a new set of posters appeared in the wild. Discovered in London (near Boxpark in Shoreditch, ‘FYI’), one of the four features frontman Matty Healy doing his spot of agricultural VR – something the band later posted via their own social media accounts. Check them out below.



If you’re keeping track of the catalogue numbers, we’re still on DH00325. Whatever that is.

There’ll be more from The 1975 soon, we’re sure. There always is.

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