Indigo De Souza has announced her new album, ‘All of This Will End’, and dropped a video for her new single, ‘Younger & Dumber’

'All of This Will End' is set to release on 28th April via Saddle Creek
Photo credit: Angella Chou

Indigo De Souza has shared news of her new album, ‘All of This Will End’, as well as releasing a new video for her latest single, ‘Younger & Dumber’.

After the mammoth release of ‘Any Shape You Take’ back in 2021, Indigo De Souza is gearing up for it’s follow up. ‘All of This Will End’ will release on 28th April, and is led by new single ‘Younger & Dumber’

The video for the track has also dropped, directed and conceptualised by Indigo herself. It also features clothing designed and constructed by Indigo and her mum, Kimberley Oberhammer, who is also the artist behind the album’s artwork. Watch the video in full below. 

On the video, Indigo recalls: “I took psilocybin for the shoot. I have a very specific way of dancing when I’m on mushrooms. The movements feel like electricity rising up from the earth through ancient networks of mycelium. It feels like the trees and plants are moving my body for me and I am just surrendering.”

“It feels so clear to me now more than ever, how important it is to unabashedly embody my truest spirit. Because I am not special, and I’m fleeting, and it feels like it’s my purpose to help mobilize others to come home to themselves. To wake from our societal sleepwalk and consider the importance in creating deep connection within community and relationships. To find a preciousness in the time we have and the earth we’re nourished by. To see nature in all its primordial magic, as something to learn from and grow with. Something to protect.”

You can listen to ‘Younger & Dumber’ here.

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