Inhaler are kicking off their 2020 with a brand new banger, ‘We Have To Move On’

It's the first new material from the Dork-approved four piece as they embark on a big year of buzz.

Former Dork cover-stars Inhaler have kicked off their 2020 with a brand new single.

Titled ‘We Have To Move On’, the band explain: “We’ve been playing this one live for a while and can’t wait for you guys to finally be able to make out the words! Hope you like it, play it loud in your car, play it to your mammy, blare it out your window and play it to your neighbours.”

A suitably broody-yet-bombastic indie banger, you can check it out below.

With a debut album starting to emerge over the horizon for the four piece, the shared their ambitions with us as part of our 2020 Hype List, highlighting the best new bands for the year ahead.

“When you put a debut album out there, that’s what people are going to label you by,” explains frontman Eli Hewson. “So you just want to make sure it’s perfect, and it fits all those needs. We’ve got all the tunes, but it’s just about getting them recorded and getting them recorded right. We have a message, and something to say.

“People want something that all fits together as one thing. The biggest bands are focused on the aesthetics too, and we love that. Some bands will just go on in a t-shirt, and it’s cool if it’s a good t-shirt!

“I remember Paul Weller said that back in his day if you were into a band, you were into the way they looked as well and it all goes hand-in-hand. I think that’s really important.

“I have nothing against bands who are just solely about the music, but I think you’ve got to give people the full package. Represent your music visually, whether it’s how you look on stage, the live show, the clothes you wear or the guitars you have. Fashion may get old, but the music and the show doesn’t.”

That issue is already sold out, but you can check out the full interview online here.

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