INHEAVEN debut stripped back b-side ‘Wasted My Life On Rock N Roll’

One vocal. One guitar. It works.
Over the past few months, INHEAVEN have been playing a perfect game.

From the storming ‘All There Is’ to the practically perfect ‘Drift’, through to their most recent solid gold offering ‘Treats’, they’ve quickly pushed themselves to the front of the queue of new British bands buzzing more than a bee hive.

With their latest offering, they’re changing tact. ‘Wasted My Life on Rock N Roll’ is the stripped back b-side to ‘Treats’. With James Taylor’s vocal and a single, isolated guitar, it’s a million miles from the scuzzy indie bangers we’re used to – all of which makes it all the more, y’know, more. But also less. In a good way. You get it, right?

INHEAVEN lead up the Dork New Wave of 2017; you can read more about them in the new issue, out next week.

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