Internet goss is suggesting we might be getting a new Florence + The Machine track very soon indeed

Another massive indie icon is getting ready for a sizzling summer.
Welcome to your Big Indie Summer. Yeah, sure, Q4 may be where the big beasts supposedly dwell, but this year indie’s mightiest heroes appear to all be heading for a blockbuster few months.

We’ve got Tranquility baes Arctic Monkeys arriving with a new record next month, where they’ll be joined by a Chvrches at the height of their powers. We’re expecting The 1975 to unleash ‘Music For Cars’ at some point during the sunny season, and Years & Years are definitely building up to something exciting. All that’s without even starting to speculate when Vampire Weekend might bring the buzz.

Now, it looks like those earlier noises about Florence + The Machine were true, adding another iconic name to the line-up. As our chums at Coup de Main report, a Flo fan site is suggesting that a 10 track effort titled ‘High As Hope’ is on the way, with a new track ‘Sky Full Of Song’ due to arrive this Thursday. Set your volume to an appropriate level, everyone!

Their source, it appears, is another twitter account that likes to leak info about upcoming releases. There, you’ll find more detail (the track is 3:46, apparently – an acceptable pop length), but also a bit of ambiguity (the release becomes ‘this week or next’.

There was also a deleted tweet from Mike Walsh, head of music at Radio X, which suggested the new track would be with us this Thursday.

So much, so slightly shaky but still rather exciting. The rumours add up to a point, though – that’s the same track that is apparently set to arrive for this year’s Record Store Day, backed with ‘New York Poem (For Polly)’, so it’s only common sense to expect it to arrive between now and the big day, 21st April.

We’ve only got a couple of days to wait to see if these predictions ring true, but the next few months already look like indie armageddon. Add Florence to the mix and all bets are off.

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