Iris Gold has shared her new single, ‘Lover Of My Own’

"I razzle and dazzle then say bye bye."

Iris Gold has released her new single, ‘Lover Of My Own’.

The lush soul-pop bop was recorded with singer, songwriter, musician, producer and Eurythmics co-founder Dave Stewart at his Bay Street Records Recording Studio in the Caribbean.

“I’m a natural born flirt but I give it all to my audience now, tiger style,” Iris says of the track. “I razzle and dazzle then say bye bye cause I got someone waiting back home, yeah I got a Lover of My Own.”

Dave adds: “Working with Iris was an amazing experience. She’s on fire in every possible way. We recorded an incredible album and she put as much into it as she possibly could; including turning up every day ready to be filmed or ready to write a new song… anything you could possibly imagine. She was always on time and ready for a challenge and she nailed it every single time. She’s a star if ever I saw one and she lives it every day.”

Check it out below.

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