It feels like Weezer are about to unveil something…

Teases are everywhere - with news set to land on Friday (March 17th)
It’s only been a year since Weezer swaggered their way right back to the top of the pile with ‘The White Album’, and now it looks like something else is afoot – with new teases pointing to some fresh new music.

Titled ‘Feels Like Summer’ the teases are looking ahead to this Friday (March 17th) as the moment where all will be revealed, which could mean that news on that long-mentioned “Black Album” could be on the cards? The date also coincides with an appearance at this year’s SXSW – so they know what they’re doing…

Speaking to Upset last year, frontman Rivers Cuomo said: “The next album is going to feel like an urban environment, night-time and gritty and hopefully a lot more modern sounds, synthesised sounds, samples maybe. I like to break away from the distorted power-chord thing but it’s hard ‘cos it works so well.”

Lets just say, something is happening and we’re getting bloody excited.

‘Av a look at the teases below if you don’t know what we’re on about…

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