Jack Antonoff wants the ticketing industry to “let artists opt out of dynamic pricing”

"Why can’t I buy a fucking ticket at the price that the artist wants it to be?''

Fresh from his gong for Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical Grammy Award for the second consecutive year, Jack Antonoff has spoken out on the issue of ticket dynamic pricing for shows.

”The whole thing is incredibly tough,” he said. ”There’s no reason why – if I can go online and buy a car and have it delivered to my house, why can’t I buy a fucking ticket at the price that the artist wants it to be?”

Antonoff also shared his simple solutions to the problem. ”Let artists opt out of dynamic pricing. Stop taxing merch, and let artists sell tickets at a price that they actually believe. Don’t turn a live show into a free market,” he said. ”That’s really dirty. Charge what you think is fair. But if one person $50 is nothing, and one person $50 is more than they could ever spend, you’re creating a situation where a different group can come together at one price.”

The producer believes that the music industry should work together to come up with solutions to the ticket pricing issue. ”The second everything fluctuates is the second that everything goes K-shaped and turns into a weird free market,” he said. ”That’s not what we do.”

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