Jack Peñate has released a new three-song EP

Jack's hosting a livestream performance on Instagram tomorrow, too.

Jack Peñate has released a new EP.

The follow-up to his long-long-long-awaited third album ‘After You’, released last year through XL Recordings, ‘Noetics’ is out now featuring three songs recorded at the end of last year.

On the EP, Jack says:

“Everyone saw angels in the sky, their faces materialised as we lay on our backs.
Real or projections, it’s difficult to know. These songs are like that.
They appeared and faded many lives before now. Incarnations of incarnations, discursively forming over and over until a short session during lockdown (all social distanced and by government standards) where they were brought together to take their final shape.
They’re exhalations cast in stone I suppose, a reflection on the reflection.
They were written about times now seemingly unreal but with more authority than what I know has really existed. 
Inspired in ways by the Disintegration Loops, they grasp for understanding of something revelatory but ephemeral and the war to regain that knowledge.
Sometimes you’ve got to let time rub the edges off, the sun burn holes and the flux of the seasons warp the memory tape.”

Give it a listen below. Jack’s hosting a livestream performance on Instagram on 27th August at 7pm, too

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