Jack White is a bit of a prawn sandwich, claims The White Stripes “is Jack White solo, in a lot of ways”

Don't you dare minimise our Meg, you monster.
Jack White, shock horror, is quite often prone to being a bloody ninny.

We’re sorry, Jack, but someone has to say it. You really didn’t deserve our glorious, brilliant Meg – and now you’re proving it in interviews for your new album ‘Boarding House Reach’.

Speaking to Rolling Stone in a recent profile, White spoke about The White Stripes.

“I’m not telling people what to think about The White Stripes,” he starts. “They can think whatever they want about it. But there is a case to be made that in a lot of ways, The White Stripes is Jack White solo. In a lot of ways.”

“There’s only two people in the band,” he continues. “I was writing and producing and conducting. The melodies are coming from one person, the rhythm is coming from Meg.”

Way to minimilise the impact of one of the most iconic female musicians in the last twenty years, you absolute prawn sandwich.

Just to make things better, our Jack decided to double down – comparing himself to Billy Corgan – a man who has recently erased the female bassist from his band’s ‘classic line-up’ reformation, replacing her with… y’know…. a bloke.

“People define things by the label you give them,” he said. “I’m sure if Billy Corgan called his solo album Smashing Pumpkins, it probably would’ve sold twice as many copies or whatever.”

Asked about a future White Stripes reunion, White said “I highly doubt that would ever be a thing.”

No, probably not. She’s too good for you, mate.

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