James and Chloe from INHEAVEN have revealed their new project Wings Of Desire, plus unveiled euphoric track ’Runnin’

The new track comes complete with a powerful video to boot.

Returning in style, INHEAVEN’s James and Chloe have revealed their brand new project Wings Of Desire, along with new track ‘Runnin’.

Following on from ‘001’ (their debut track unveiled just over a week ago), ‘Runnin’ is an emphatic, slow-burning cut full of stadium-sized confidence and cinematic energy. Basically, it’s gonna leave you wide-eyed and wanting more – perfect stuff.

Speaking about the track, Wings Of Desire commented: “Running endlessly in circles eternally longing for something, of which we are not sure. In a culture designed to distract us from ourselves, and one that empowers narcissistic idealization. Maybe its time to get off the wheel and see what’s outside?”

‘Runnin’ comes complete with a powerful video, full of striking imagery and counterculture meaning. Check it all out below.

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