James Blake wants you to stop calling him a sad boy

He's just a Libra, okay?
James Blake put a message on his Twitter, asking people to stop describing him and his music as “sad boy”.

The message was in response to how people have reacted to his latest release ‘Don’t Miss It’.

The poor lad just wants to talk about his feelings in a song without being shot down, is that too much to ask?

Of course, this is a far more serious issue, as he goes on to explain the “disastrous historical stigmatisation of men expressing themselves emotionally”, and says “it is only ever a good thing to talk about what is on your mind”.

He also states that we don’t question women who do the same thing (down with the patriarchy).

Sad boy or not, he still writes a beltin tune, and that’s what it’s all about in the end.


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