James Leonard Hewitson premieres new song ‘The Screen’

It's about "the overuse of social media", says James.
James Leonard Hewitson has shared his new track ‘The Screen’ – check it out below, first on Dork. It’s out 14th October via Endearment Records.

‘The Screen’ follows on from the Hartlepool songwriter’s debut single ‘Care Less, Love Less’, and pokes (unsurprisingly) at those glued to their screens [Alright mate, there’s no need to get personal – Ed].

A forceful, sideways swipe at the digital churn, quick fire lyrics charge into a chorus which does exactly what it says. Never sliding into overwrought ‘social commentary’, it hits the mark perfectly.

James says of the track:

“’The Screen’ is a song about the overuse of social media in our functioning daily lives, and the social illusions it creates as a result i.e. affirmation in picture likes, sociopolitical ideas derived from meme logic, or going for a meal with someone yet constantly checking your phone.

“I’ve used a few comedic references from sketch shows/series (Fast Show, Phoenix Nights) I would watch when I was younger to tie in with the theme of looking at a screen too, since it’s kind of ironic that I’m releasing it digitally.”

He’s a few live dates coming up, including a support slot with Beach Baby and a set at Wintertide Festival. Details after the jump.


13 Jumpin’ Jack’s, Newcastle (w/ Beach Baby)

15 The Studio, Hartlepool (w/ Focus)

18 Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle


12 Empire, Middlesbrough

27 Wintertide Festival, Hartlepool

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