James Vincent McMorrow has been working with the people behind ‘Hotline Bling’ and ‘One Dance’

There's a new album and track to prove it.
The guy with one of the most distinctive voices of the past few years, James Vincent McMorrow has announced that he’s set to release a brand new album later this year called ‘We Move’ – out on September 2nd, along with a lovely new track to check out now.

‘Rising Waters’ is a natural successor to the tracks seen McMorrow’s previous LP ‘Post Tropical’, an exotic and colourful home to the delicate and brutally raw vocals that make his next step one to be really excited by.

Teaming up with acclaimed producer Nineteen85 (whose CV includes work for Drake and Nicki Minaj), JVM said about the record: “In every part of this new album I see myself. I hear it in every lyric and every note. And it’s still terrifying. But it’s exactly what I needed to make.”

The record also features production credits from Two Inch Punch (Years & Years) and Frank Dukes (Kanye West). So that’s lovely.

You can check out a full letter that James has pulled together about the album on his Facebook here, as well as the track itself below.

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