Jamie T has shared another new album taster, ‘Between The Rocks’

'The Theory Of Whatever' is set for release on 29th July.
Photo Credit: Will Robson-Scott

Jamie T has shared a new single, ‘Between The Rocks’.

It’s the latest taster of his forthcoming album ‘The Theory Of Whatever’, set for release on 29th July, and follows up on previous singles ‘The Old Style Raiders’ and ‘St. George Wharf Tower’.

“I was struggling to find my direction with the record for a few years, really,” Jamie T explained. “I went home one day, and I found this track that I had recorded, pretty much fully finished. And I was really upset, because I realised that I’d spent the last six months asking other people to tell me if something was good. Then I heard this track and I just immediately knew I’d kind of found my path.”

You can check out ‘Between The Rocks’ below.

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