Jarvis Cocker’s new project JARV is… an acronym, the next best thing and a work in progress, apparently

It's also louder than we might expect. Is this hardcore?
Following news this morning of new live dates from Jarvis Cocker – which see the Pulp frontman heading to some really very small venues – more details of what may be afoot have started to emerge.

With a promile of “brand new music” from one venue, a new listing on London venue Moth Club’s website features a run of descriptions, as well as a line-up for Jarvis’ brand new band.

Most of the imagery for the new jaunt features the line ‘JARV IS…’ (see what he did there) – a theme which is continued in the new copy. It describes several things which JARV is, including “a way of looking at the world”, “an acronym” and “louder than you might expect”.

You can check out the full thing here, and also below. Find Jarvis’ new live dates in full here.


JARV is entirely implausible

JARV is a way of looking at the world

JARV is an acronym

JARV stands for something

JARV is louder than you might expect

JARV is two women & three men

JARV is up close & personal

JARV is troglodytic

JARV is a rave in a cave

JARV is a group

JARV is the next best thing

JARV is electric music

JARV is a work in progress

JARV is happening

JARV is ancient & modern at the same time

JARV is playing near you very soon

JARV is an experiment

JARV is a night to remember

JARV is a live experience with no barriers


……& always will be.

It’s probably best if you come along & see for yourself.

The musicians involved are :

Jarvis Cocker – singing

Serafina Steer – harp, keyboards

Emma Smith – violin

Andrew McKinney – bass

Adam Betts – drums

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