Jaws have shared another teaser from their upcoming album, ’Please Be Kind’

‘The Ceiling’ is due for release on 5th April.

Jaws have shared another teaser from their upcoming album: ’Please Be Kind’ is taken from ‘The Ceiling’, due for release on 5th April.

“This song was actually the first song we wrote where we were like, ok this is the beginnings of an album,” says frontman and guitarist Connor Schofield. “It sounded like us but a few steps further up the ladder and it really gave us the kick up the arse we needed to carry on writing.

“Honestly the lyrics of this song don’t make too much sense, but I’ve convinced myself that that’s the point of them. I wanted to use “please be kind” in something for ages, I guess the general message is that it’s just about looking out for your friends and yourself.”

You can read more from the band in the April issue of Dork, out now – order your copy below. The band are playing a short UK tour this April, too.

Check out ‘Please Be Kind’ below.

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